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New Updated Rain Policy

Rain Policy
For Team Placement and Awards


Policy:  All pool games (not warm-up games) and bracket games will be used to calculate the tournament standings when using data to settle placement.  Placement will be determined by the "Standard Results Placement" format.


1)  If all teams in the bracket have not completed one tournament game then the tournament games will not be counted and results will be determined by "High Seed."
2)  If a team played an extra pool game that does not count. It is not included in the calculations.
3) In order to calculate bracket games teams must have played an even about of games. If a team(s) has played more games than the other team(s) then the last game played is thrown out to make the number of bracket games played even for each team.
4)  If there is more than one pool (Seed 1 of Pool A, Seed 1 of Pool B, etc.) in a division then the "Standard Results Placement" will be applied. 

The Standard Results Placement:  Tie Breakers

1)  Wins/Losses
2)  Head-to-Head if it applies
3)  Runs-Allowed
4)  Runs Earned
5)  The final tiebreaker is a double flip coin toss (first toss to see         who will call, second coin toss for placement).




Rain Policy
For Refunds


If your team did not get to take the field to play, your team will receive a full refund.

If your team was able to take the field and play but not complete your game, your team will receive a refund for all but $50.00.

If your team completed one game, you will receive a refund for half of your entry fee.

If your team completed two games there will not be a refund.

There are no refunds on gate admissions.  

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