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Name: Shane Yocom
Email: msy0518@msn.com
Phone: 615-400-6089
Address: 5898 CANE RIDGE RD
City: Cane Ridge
Residence State: Tennessee
Zip: 37013
Date Location Event
Thu 07-06-2023 - Sun 07-09-2023 RichEllen Park 1466 Highway 149 Clarksville, Tennessee 37040 USGF 2023 World Series
Shane Yocom

Saturday 12:00 noon - make sure you all have the tourney machine app on your phone - also make sure you have done "Find Your Team" and selected your team to get updates. All updates will be posted on Tourney Machine!





9:19 PM:  Schedule Released on Tourney Machine - 2023 - USGF World Series - I will re-look at everything tomorrow to make sure all is good.  It may take it a little bit to refresh the APP.



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Rate Code is: USGF



Photography will be done by
Jennifer Ellis with Beyond Wonderland Photography

For action shots and Team Photos
Please make an appointment @ 615-512-7783


Tournament Details and Itinerary


When: July 6, 2023, Open Ceremony
           July 7-9, 2023 Pool and Bracket Games (Pool games will begin in the am Friday,                 July 7th)

Where: RichEllen Park

Fees: 6U-8U - $375 - 10U-18U - $450 - All tournament fees must be remitted before being drawn in brackets.

World Series Open Ceremonies: July 06 will be held at RichEllen Park, Highway 149, Clarksville, TN.  

All check-in activities will be located in the breezeway, coaches meeting will be in the breezeway, skills games will be located on Fields 3,4 and 5.

Gate Passes: One day pass $15.00 (For Friday and Saturday)  Sunday will be $10 (No passes needed for Thursday events).  Children 10U do not need a pass.

Tournament Schedule: will be posted on this page July 4, 2023, by 9:00 pm unless announced for a different time at the top of tournament page.


WS Opening Ceremony Itinerary


July 06 (Thur) All Thursday activities will be held at RichEllen Park, 1466 Highway 149, Clarksville, TN 37043

Team Check-In: 

  • When:  11:00-2:00 pm,
  • All teams must send a representative to check their team in on Thursday, July 06,2023,  at RichEllen Park breezeway, (center entrance).
  • At team check-in, a team representative will remit a folder or notebook that contains:
    • an official USGF signed and completed roster,
    • copies of birth certificates [do not remit original documents],
    • a current picture of each individual player attached to their birth certificate. A team picture is not acceptable. 
    • copy of your team insurance certificate.
    • If you are a recreational team you must include a letter from your league president stating all the players on your roster signed up for and participated in your league and or interleague program.
  • It is the responsibility of the team representative to collect the notebooks as they exit the tournament. All notebooks that are not collected will be shredded the following Monday. No notebooks will be mailed after the tournament. 
  • All teams participating in the Skills Games must register at check-in.
  • Coaches will pick up Team Packets Thursday at registration. Included in the packet will be the coupons for the Ice Cream Social.  Players will need their coupon to be served at the ice cream social.

Team Packets

  • All team packets will include:
    • Manager or coach's gifts
    • Clarksville's welcome package, filled with family discounts for Clarksville's restaurants, attractions, and businesses.
    • Player Lanyards

Coaches Meeting

  • Begins at 2:00 pm in the breezeway of RichEllen Park, Every team must have a representative present. 
  • The meeting will include:
    • Introduction to the park staff, UIC and Tournament Staff
    • Welcome from Clarksville's visitors center
    • Technology information
    • Agenda
    • Completed Schedule
    • Emergency Protocol
    • World Series Rules and Procedure for Appeals
    • Zero tolerance for aggression outline: includes artificial noise makers
    • Ejection rules, guidelines and enforcement (coaches, fans, and players)
    • Guidelines for official appeals
    • Coach's Q&A, rule clarification, line-up clarification
    • Recreation qualifications paperwork for due diligence


Skills Games will be from 2:30-5:30

  • Sign your players up at check-in
  • Awards will be announced and handed out at Parade of Teams on Friday Night at RichEllen
  • Around the Horn - Field 3
  • Mother Daughter Relay - Field 4
  • Home Run Derby - Field 5

Skills Games will include

Home Run Derby
Each team can enter no more than 3 players, each team must supply their own balls, pitcher, and catcher, each participant will receive 5 pitches, the batted ball will be measured from home plate to the first bounce. Each age group will have a winner, not each class. Will receive a trophy.

Mother Daughter Relay
Each team can enter two moms and two players from their team to participate. (Must be a mom from the team but does not have to be a mom to the players participating). Moms are placed at home and 2nd base, players are placed at 1st and 3rd base. The ball must be relayed from home to first, to second, to third, to home. Team with the best time wins. If a participant drops the ball they have to retrieve the ball (not the participant waiting for the relay) and complete the relay. Each age group will have a winner, not each class. Will receive an individual trophy for each participant of winning team.

Around the Horn
Each team will use 6 players, P, C, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and SS. The ball must travel: P to C, C to 2nd, 2nd to 3rd, 3rd to 1st, 1st to SS and SS to C. Each team can complete two rounds, record the best time. Each age group will have a winner, not each class. Will receive a trophy. Will receive an individual trophy for each participant of winning team.


Friday Night /Parade of Team /
World Series Pin Exchange / DJ / Ice Cream Social

Friday Night Events will be held at RichEllen Park

  • Team Photos will be scheduled at your team's convenience with Jennifer Ellis photographer 615-512-7783
  • Parade of Teams will begin at 7:30pm, start lining up teams at 7:00pm. Teams are encouraged to bring banners and signs. 
  • Skills Games Awards will be announced and awarded at the parade of teams
  • World Series Pin Exchange will follow the parade of teams
  • Ice Cream Social will be open from 6:00-8:00 pm in Breezeway 




Diamond Crushers - Clarksville, TN 
Blue Jays - Greenbriar, TN
Supernovas - Clarksville, TN



TN Elite 13 - Murfreesboro, TN
Xtreme 12 - Lexington, TN
Southern Force - Murfreesboro, TN
Lady Bears - Mt. Juliet, TN
Tennessee Patriots - Dickson, TN
Two4 Adiktiv - Gillette - Clarksville, TN
Fearless Elite 13 - Mt Juliet, TN 
G1 Fastpitch 2012 - Clarksville, TN 
Tennessee Synergy 2012 - Clarksville, TN
Diamond Diva’s - Wayne County, TN
G1 2k13 - Clarksville, TN 
TN Smoke 2012 - Mt Juliet, TN
TN Prodigies 2012 - Charlotte, TN 
Southern Force 2013 - Cross Plains, TN 


Storm 10 - Newbern, TN
Heat Softball - Pleasant View, TN
Talons 11 - Eddyville, KY 
Hotstyx - Brodhead, KY
Synergy - Clarksville, TN 
Triple Threat - Murfreesboro, TN
Top Notch Indians - Clarksville, TN 



Lady Bullies - Clarksville, TN
G1 Fastpitch - Clarksville, TN 
HV Elite - Crawford - Franklin, TN
TN Bombers 08 - Pleasant View, TN 
Two4 Adiktiv 2k9 - Smyrna, TN



Tennessee Tigers - Charlotte, TN  
Tomahawks - Murfreesboro, TN
High Intensity 05 - Clarksville, TN 
CF Fastpitch - Shelbyville, TN 
Two4 Adiktiv Johnson/Killebrew - Dickson, TN
Mid-Tenn Viperz - Clarksville, TN 


Format: 3 Pool Play seeded into double elimination bracket.

Tournament Fees: 8U - $375, 10U-18U $450

Per Person Gate at entry of park.

$15 for 11 and over.
3 Coaches per team enter at no cost.

No Pay-at-the-Plate


All balls are furnished
Top Two places will receive team and individual awards
All teams need to submit a signed and completed USGF roster
All teams need to submit a copy of your team insurance
All teams must sanction your team online at www.usgfp.com
Team managers need birth certificates in your possession throughout the tournament

When using electronic payment for tournament fees and team gate fees:


Shane Yocom@Shane-Yocom

Cash App



Online payment at www.usgfp.com through team account
Make sure your players are age-eligible for your age group. The age eligible date is Dec 31, 2022. The age a player is on this date is the age they will play through Aug 01, 2023.

Tournament Schedule: will be posted on this page the Tuesday before the tournament by 9:00 pm UNLESS announced at the top of the page.

Rules and Standards


Batters: each team can bat up to 12 batters for pool and tournament games.

Unique rule to USGF: is the courtesy runner: A courtesy runner can be used at any time once per inning. A courtesy runner does not burn your sub. However, if your courtesy runner is on base and has to come up to bat, she must take an out at bat. Please be aware of where your courtesy runner is in the lineup.

The Official Game Time: begins at the flip and the plate umpire is the keeper of the time.

Pool Play Guidelines on One Day Tournaments: Time limit will be 55 minutes, drop dead. Multiple day tournaments will be Finish the Inning. The game can end in a tie. If seeding, in the case of a tie, both teams are awarded one-half (.5) a win and one-half (.5) a loss in the seeding stats.  Most one day tournaments will be warm-up game/ coaches draw into brackets. Home team is considered the official score book for each game. Parents/fans are welcome to keep scoreboards.

Tournament Play Guidelines on One Day Tournaments: Time limit will be 65 minutes, finish the inning. No drop dead. International tiebreaker rules apply for all elimination games if necessary. Home team is considered the official score book for each game. Parents/fans are welcome to keep scoreboards. Any "IF" Game that starts after 10:00 will be decided by ITB Rules.


  1. The game will consist of 5 innings or 55 minutes on the clock, drop dead in pool or warmup that does not seed into the brackets. Tournament bracket play will consist of 5 innings or 55 minutes finish the inning. Run Rule being declared if a team is ahead by 12 runs after 3 innings two and a half innings if the home team is ahead, or 10 runs after 4 innings three and a half innings if the home team is ahead...
  2. Each position in the batting order will be at bat a maximum of once per inning, the end of an inning will be declared when either 3 outs are made or until the batting team scores 5 runs whichever comes first.

DP/Flex Rule: The DP/Flex rule is available for coaches that want to take advantage of it. The rule can be visited at Sec.4.ART1.  DP/Flex in the online rules. There is no DP/Flex in 6U and 8U divisions.

Rules:   https://usgfp.com/files/rules.php

Metal Cleats: Metal cleats are approved for the use of 14U-18U.

Rain Policy: If no games are played entry fee is returned. If one game is played one-half of the entry fee is returned. If two games are complete there are no refunds issued. No refunds for gate passes.

Park Rules:
No pets
No Smoking inside gate
Cooler policy (Some parks have limits on number of coolers per team)

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