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Update: Mom has been moved to a medical rehab. They say she is halfway through. There is a lot to be addressed but we are blessed to be this far. I will never forget all the prayers and support that has come from our softball families, all the churches, and our community. Again, thank you for keeping her in your prayers.

Welcome to the 2019 Season. Get your team added to the fall tournament schedule.  Lots of one-day tournaments, Fall State is a ring event, and don't forget about the Zombie Player's Premier.

College Coaches are being invited to fall tournaments 8/25 - 11/3, Participating schools will be posted on each tournament page.

USGF has approved both Blue and Gold label Ghost Bats

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Power 'Round the Bases - Point Table
Tournament Summary     { View Bracket }
Date: 6th May, 2017 to 7th May, 2017

Type: Qualifier 235

Director: debbieviviers@usgfp.com

State: Tennessee
Game: Pool Play, Tournament Play

Class: A

Age: Under 10

Park: Fly Park - Franklin, TN
Pool Play
Sl. Team A Score Team B Score Results
Game 1 Fearless Elite 06 6 DC CUBS 5 Fearless Elite 06 Win
Game 2 Fearless Elite 06 5 Murfreesboro Hurricanes 1 Fearless Elite 06 Win
Game 3 DC CUBS 3 RBI Riptides 2 DC CUBS Win
Game 4 Murfreesboro Hurricanes 6 Tennessee Smoke 10u 4 Murfreesboro Hurricanes Win
Game 5 RBI Riptides 12 Tennessee Smoke 10u 6 RBI Riptides Win
Tournament Play
Sl. Team A Score Team B Score Results
Game 1 Murfreesboro Hurricanes 6 Tennessee Smoke 10u 5 Murfreesboro Hurricanes Win
Game 2 DC CUBS 6 RBI Riptides 2 DC CUBS Win
Game 3 Fearless Elite 06 8 Murfreesboro Hurricanes 3 Fearless Elite 06 Win
Game 4 DC CUBS 3 Fearless Elite 06 2 DC CUBS Win
Team Placement
Position Team Sanction# Points Bonus Total
1 DC CUBS 5012082970 12.5 100 112.5
2 Fearless Elite 06 1012083235 10 75 85
3 RBI Riptides 5010073073 2.5 50 52.5
4 Murfreesboro Hurricanes 8012082777 7.5 40 47.5
5 Tennessee Smoke 10u 5421001764 0 30 30
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