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Using DP/FLEX option, the FLEX or their legal substitute does not qualify for the free defensive substitution.
They can only be replaced by the DP or a legal substitute and they must be reported to home plate umpire.

USGF Umpire Meeting is Feb 21,2021 / 2:00 pm / Patterson Community Center - 521 Mercury Blvd, Murfreesboro, TN

Tournament Discount Packages are listed in the tournament details of all tournament pages.

What age your player is on 12/31/2020, is their playing age for the 2021 season which is Aug 1, 2020 - July 31, 2021. 

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NIT Fall Extravaganza - Point Table
Tournament Summary     { View Bracket }
Date: 22nd August, 2020 to 22nd August, 2020

Type: NO Gate Event $350

Director: debbieviviers@usgfp.com

State: Tennessee
Game: Pool Play, Tournament Play

Class: B

Age: Under 18

Park: McKnight Park - Murfreesboro, TN
Pool Play
Sl. Team A Score Team B Score Results
Game 1 Middle Tennessee Outlaws 6 Unionville Dirt Dobbers 3 Middle Tennessee Outlaws Win
Game 2 Middle Tennessee Outlaws 14 Tennessee HighVolotage 0 Middle Tennessee Outlaws Win
Game 3 Unionville Dirt Dobbers 7 Tennessee HighVolotage 0 Unionville Dirt Dobbers Win
Tournament Play
Sl. Team A Score Team B Score Results
Game 1 Unionville Dirt Dobbers 5 Tennessee HighVolotage 3 Unionville Dirt Dobbers Win
Game 2 Unionville Dirt Dobbers 12 Middle Tennessee Outlaws 7 Unionville Dirt Dobbers Win
Game 3 Middle Tennessee Outlaws 10 Tennessee HighVolotage 4 Middle Tennessee Outlaws Win
Game 4 Unionville Dirt Dobbers 6 Middle Tennessee Outlaws 1 Unionville Dirt Dobbers Win
Warm Up Game
Sl. Team A Score Team B Score Results
No game played till now.
Team Placement
Position Team Sanction# Points Bonus Total
1 Unionville Dirt Dobbers 542180113601 17.5 100 117.5
2 Middle Tennessee Outlaws 5018003539 10 75 85
3 Tennessee HighVolotage 7018013027 0 50 50
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