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2019 Rule change is the effect of an illegal pitch. The illegal pitch is called a ball if the ball is the 4th ball the batter is given 1st base. Base runners only advance in a force.

2019 Rule change "adjustable knob device on bats," a knob may be adjustable but must be permanently fixed while using in a game. 

USGF has approved both Blue and Gold label Ghost Bats

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Name: Debbie Viviers
Email: debbieviviers@usgfp.com
Phone: 931-841-1507
Mobile: 931-841-1507
Address: POBox 434
City: Tullahoma
Residence State: Tennessee
Zip: 37388
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Wed 07-11-2018 - Wed 07-11-2018 RichEllen Park 1466 Highway 149 Clarksville, Tennessee 37040 List of Things to Get Done for World Series
Debbie Viviers

List of things to get done for the World Series

Step 1

1)  All teams need to confirm they are playing by Monday evening.

2) All teams need to pay the entry fees. Payment options are pay online through your team account, you can use the Venmo app, my username is Debbie-Viviers, or you can mail in a check, all check must be received by July 6th. If paying by check, make check payable to USGF and mail to:

Debbie Viviers
POBox 434
Tullahoma, TN 37388

3) I have to have a head count for the Luau Dinner no later than July 6th. Please use the order form link on the World Series tournament page. 

4) All teams must have their completed notebooks to hand in at team check-in. Please refer to World Series tournament page. Do not email me the documents or send pictures of them. Print them and put them in your notebooks.

4) If your team has made reservations at the Riverview Inn or Country Inn and Suits please send me a text. 

Step 2

1)  Make sure you have at least one coach or team representative to check your team into the tournament on July 12 at RichEllen Park at 11:00 am -  1:00 pm.  The coach's check-in is Mandatorythe other Thursday activities are not mandatory but they are designed for the enjoyment of the players and their families. Please make every effort to join the activities.

2)  If you have players participating in skills games, you must sign them up at team check-in. So, know who is going to play ahead of time.

3)  Tournament passes can be purchased at team check-in. Reminder: Please know you must have your pass to come in and out of the parks. The gate workers are not going to remember you. Leave passes on unless there is an urgent reason to remove it.  If you are forced to remove your pass you must present the removed pass to the gate worker, it will be collected and a new pass will be issued. Do not cut off your pass and throw it away. You will need a pass to enter the park on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. There is no pass required for Thursday's activities.

Step 3 - Info

1)  Friday Pool Games:
The 8U, 8U Rec, 10U'07, 10U'08, 10U Rec and 18U games will be played at RichEllen Park (1466 Highway 149, Clarksville).
The 12U and 14U divisions will be played at St Bethlehem Civitan Park (650 Bellamy Lane, Clarksville). Friday Pool Games will be posted and the complete schedule will be handed out to the coaches at the coach's meeting Thursday.

2)  All teams will be receiving an email from the photographer, Jennifer Ellis.  Teams will be able to schedule their team photos. Photographer will be set up at RichEllen Park from 9:00 am until all photos have been made. If you need to schedule your team photo or another time, get with Jennifer to make arrangements.

3) Here is order form you can print for your team. Please call to make appointments after game times are posted.




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