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2019 Rule change is the effect of an illegal pitch. The illegal pitch is called a ball if the ball is the 4th ball the batter is given 1st base. Base runners only advance in a force.

2019 Rule change "adjustable knob device on bats," a knob may be adjustable but must be permanently fixed while using in a game. 

USGF has approved both Blue and Gold label Ghost Bats

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Name: Debbie Viviers
Email: debbieviviers@usgfp.com
Phone: 931-841-1507
Mobile: 931-841-1507
Address: POBox 434
City: Tullahoma
Residence State: Tennessee
Zip: 37388
Date Location Event
Sat 07-21-2018 - Sun 07-22-2018 Ridley Park 6148 Trotwood Ave Columbia, Tennessee 38401 2018 Tennessee Summer Showcase
Debbie Viviers



2018 Tennessee Summer Showcase
Ridley Park - Columbia, TN


Tournament Schedule - Tournament will be completed on Saturday

 14U - Play at Complex B

Time  Field  Team vs  Team
9:00  B3  GC Heat  vs  Limestone Flash
10:30  B3  MKS  vs  Lady Orioles
12:00  B3  GC Heat  vs  MKS
1:30  B3  Limestone Flash  vs  Lady Orioles
3:00  B3  GC Heat  vs  Lady Orioles
4:30  B3 Limestone Flash  vs  MKS

Bracket will begin at 6:00 pm Saturday
Championship will begin at 9:00 Saturday

16U - Play at Complex B

Time  Field  Team vs  Team
9:00  B5  TN Thunder  vs  TN Pride
10:30  B5  Lightning Elite 02  vs  Mayhem
12:00  B5  TN Thunder  vs  Lightning Elite 02
1:30  B5  Mayhem   vs  TN Pride
3:00  B5  TN Thunder   vs  Mayhem
4:30  B5  TN Pride  vs  Lightning Elite 02

Bracket will begin at 6:00pm Saturday
Championship will begin at 9:00pm Saturday

18U - Play at Complex B

Time  Field  Team vs  Team
9:00  B4  Renegades  vs  Dirt Dobbers
10:30  B4  Jack City  vs  Dirty Birds
12:00  B4  Renegades  vs  Jack City
1:30  B4  Dirt Dobbers  vs  Dirty Birds
3:00  B4  Renegades  vs  Dirty Birds
4:30  B4  Dirt Dobbers  vs  Jack City

Bracket will begin at 6:00 pm Saturday
Championship will begin at 9:00 Saturday


Tournament Details

When: July 21-22, 2018  

Where: Ridley Park, Complex B, fields 3,4,5 and 6 - Columbia, TN

Gate passes $10.00   

Player Profiles: We are providing player profile booklets to all college coaches. All teams are required to complete player profile forms. If you want to use this form download complete and email to douglaswjackson@yahoo.com  Click to Download Player Profile Form your forms must be received by July 18th to be included in the pack of teams given to each school representative.


Colleges Attending

University of North Alabama UNA 
Snead State SSCC 
Columbia State CSCC 
University of the South 
Volunteer State VSCC
Motlow State MSCC
Calhoun Community College
Martin Methodist College
University of Bethel 

Teams Entered


Impact - Florence, TN
Giles County Heat - Giles County, TN
Lady Orioles - Clarksville, TN 
Limestone Flash - Athens, AL

TN Thunder - Murfreesboro, TN 
TN Pride 02 - Murfreesboro, TN
Mayhem 02 - Madison, AL
Lightning Elite 02 - LaVergne, TN


Renegades - Columbia, TN
Jack City 99 - Nolensville, TN
Dirty Birds - Savannah, TN
Dirt Dobbers - Unionville, TN


Tournament Details 

Balls:  Teams supply game balls, game balls must be new .47 core 375 compression ball. Balls will be available for purchase at the tournament for $60.00 per dozen or $6 each. AD STARR spirit ball.
Refund Policy: Once you are accepted into the tournament NO refund will be granted. We only issue credits for future events granted we find another team to fill your spot. If a team drops out two weeks prior to the event NO refund or credit will be given.
Rain Policy: The tournament director reserves the right to delay or reschedule games as needed. In the case of rain delays, a restricted schedule may be implemented. If any pool games get rained out we will use Sunday to make these games up and the elimination round will be eliminated. Any rain out games will be canceled without money refunded. The head coach is responsible for finding out changed game times in the event of rain.

Tournament Details:

  • The home team will be decided by coin toss. Line up cards are to be turned into the official scorekeeper before each game. Visiting teams are responsible for keeping the scoreboard and the home team is responsible for keeping the official scorebook.
  • The pitching distance for this tournament will be set at 43 feet.
  • If your team is short of players you can pick up players from teams playing in the event to complete pool games and your score is recorded as a forfeit. If you do not have enough players to play in the single elimination bracket you can not play. 
  • Teams supply game balls, new .47 core 375 compression ball.
  • Metal cleats are permitted in this event.
  • There will be no protests allowed in this tournament.


Official Rules      

Substitutions:  Free defensive substitutions are allowed as long as the batting order does not change. In this tournament, you will be allowed to bat 12 players. Teams may utilize the courtesy runner rule for catchers & pitchers only. The definition of a courtesy runner is a player who is not currently in the batting order. If you don‘t have any subs your last batted out may be used for the pitcher or catcher.

Game Time:  Exposure pool games are 1 hour and 10 minutes finish the inning with NO tiebreaker being played. Elimination games will be 1 hour and 15 minutes with the mercy rules in effect. 

Run Rule: There is NO run rule for pool play games. Elimination run-rule games will be 12 after 3, 10 after 4, 8 after 5. 

Tie Breaker: International tie-breaking rules. Last battered out on second with no outs.

Seeding for single elimination bracket:

  • Win / Loss Record
  • Head To Head (If It Applies)
  • Runs Allowed
  • Runs Earned
  • Coin Toss

College Coach Request:  If a college coach has a request to see a specific player run or play a position. The tournament director reserves the right to ask the team coaches to accommodate the request.

Time Management rules:

  1. The pitcher will get 5 warm-up pitches to begin the game thereafter she will get two.
  2. The batter must receive signs with one foot in the batter's box.
  3. One offensive conference per inning, and one defensive conference per inning, on the 2nd trip to the mound you must take your pitcher out.
  4. There will be no arguing of calls by the coaches and there will be no protesting of games, the first purpose of the tournament is exposure and the games will not be stopped due to these matters.

***The tournament director has the right to alter any of the above information as seen fit***







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