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Merry Christmas!! Hoping a wonderful Christ filled season to everyone.

The Carrick family wants to thank you for all your kind words and prayers. Mom is home and will be celebrating the holiday season with us. 

USGF has approved both Blue and Gold label Ghost Bats

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Name: Debbie Viviers
Email: debbieviviers@usgfp.com
Phone: 931-841-1507
Mobile: 931-841-1507
Address: POBox 434
City: Tullahoma
Residence State: Tennessee
Zip: 37388
Date Location Event
Sat 03-17-2018 - Sat 03-17-2018 Fly Park - Franklin, TN 3640 North Chapel Road Franklin, Tennessee 37064 What'Up Girl - One Day
Debbie Viviers

What'Up Girl Play-Off
One Day (Weather Permitting)
Fly Park - Franklin, TN

Tournament Schedule - Warm-Up Games are 50mins drop dead. Bracket games are 65 mins finish the inning. All bracket games will begin at 10:00am. Championship games for 10'07 and 12U'05 are at 6:30. Championship games for 10'08 and 12U'06 are at 7:40. 


 Time  Field  Team  vs  Team
 8:00  F3  Jack City 07  vs  TN Revolution
 9:00  F3  Bomb Squad  vs  Middle TN Bulldawgs
 9:00  F2  High Voltage  vs  Nashville Cruisers


 Time  Field  Team  vs  Team
 8:00  F1  Velocity 08  vs  Fearless Elite
 8:00  F2  TN Patriots  vs  Xplosion Fastpitch
 9:00  F1  Thunderstruck  vs  Ballhawks


 Time  Field  Team  vs  Team
 8:00  F4  Bethesda Elite (plays in '06)   vs  TN Gators
 9:00  F4  Wildcats  vs  High Intensity
 9:00  F5  DeKalb Diamonds  vs  West TN Edge


 Time  Field  Team  vs  Team
 8:00  F5  Wicked  vs  DC Cubs
 8:00  F6  Outsiders  vs  MJ Mayhem
 9:00  F6  Brentwood Riptide  vs  KY Hit Squad




Teams Entered

Bomb Squad 07 - Spring Hill, TN
High Voltage 07 - Springfield, TN
Nashville Cruisers 07 - Columbia, TN
TN Revolution 07 - Mt Juliet, TN
Middle TN Bulldawgs 07 - Lewisburg, TN
Jack City 07 - Murfreesboro, TN

Velocity 08 - Smyrna, TN
Ballhawks 08 - Clarksville, TN
Fearless  Elite 08 - Mount Juliet, TN
Thunderstruck 08 - Columbia, TN 
Xplosion Fastpitch 08 - Mt Juliet, TN
TN Patriots - Dickson, TN

Wildcats 2024 - Hazel Green, AL
High Intensity 05 - Clarksville, TN
Tennessee Gators - Pulaski, TN
DeKalb County Diamonds 05 - DeKalb County, TN
West Tn Edge 05 - Huntington, TN

Kentucky Hit Squad 06 - Russellville, KY
Wicked 06 - Old Hickory, TN
MJ Mayhem 06 - Mount Juliet, TN
Brentwood Riptide 06 - Brentwood, TN
DC Cubs - Dickson, TN
Bethesda Elite - Spring Hill, TN
Outsiders 24/25 - McMinnville, TN


Tournament Details

Summer State and World Series Qualifier

Format: 3gg - WarmUp game, coaches draw into double elimination bracket

Fees: 8U - $150, 10U-18U $200

All balls are furnished

Top two places will receive team and individual awards

All teams must upload a signed and completed roster to their team account.

All teams must upload their insurance certificate to their team account.

All teams must sanction your team online at www.usgfp.com

Team managers need birth certificates in your possession throughout the tournament

Online payment at www.usgfp.com through team account

Venmo payment will be accepted for team fees and items on the sales table (shirts, glasses, bows etc.) You will not be able to use electronic payments for tickets at the gate.

Gate fees: $10 - four coaches will receive passes, children 10 and under do not need a pass.

Make sure your players are age-eligible for your age group. Age eligible January 1, 2018

Tournament Schedule: will be posted on this page the Tuesday before the tournament by 9:00 pm.


Rule Standards

New Rule:  4.Sec.19. Intentional Walk: The coach or catcher of the defensive team can make a request to the umpire for the batter to intentionally walk to first base.

Batters: each team can bat up to 12 batters for pool and tournament games.

Unique rule to USGF: is the courtesy runner: A courtesy runner can be used at any time once per inning. A courtesy runner does not burn your sub. However, if your courtesy runner is on base and has to come up to bat she must take an out at bat. So, be aware of where your courtesy runner is in the lineup.

The Official Game Time: begins at the flip and the plate umpire is the keeper of the time.

Pool Play Guidelines: Time limit will be 55minutes, finish the inning. "Drop dead" will only be applied if weather conditions force an adjustment to the schedule or announced in the format. The game can end in a tie. In the case of a tie, both teams are awarded one-half (.5) a win and one-half (.5) a loss in the seeding stats.  Home team is considered the official scorebook for each game. Parents/fans are welcome to keep scoreboards.

Tournament Play Guidelines: Time limit will be 70 minutes, finish the inning. No "drop dead." International tiebreaker rules apply for all elimination games. Home team is considered the official scorebook for each game. Parents/fans are welcome to keep scoreboards.


A. The game will consist of 5 innings or 55 minutes on the clock, finish the inning for pool play and tournament bracket play, with a (Run Rule) being declared if a team is ahead by 12 runs after 3 innings two and a half innings  if the home team is ahead, or 10 runs after 4 innings three and a half innings if the home team is ahead...
...F. Each position in the batting order will be at bat a maximum of once per inning, the end of an inning will be declared when either 3 outs are made or all batters have batted one time whichever comes first.  (No more than twelve (12) batters per inning with no one batting twice.) It is not an advantage to have more than 10 batters. 

DP/Flex Rule: The DP/Flex rule is available for coaches that want to take advantage of it. The rule can be visited at Sec.4.ART1.  DP/Flex in the online rules.  There is no DP/Flex in 6U and 8U divisions.

Rules:   https://usgfp.com/files/rules.php

Metal Cleats: 
Metal cleats are approved for the use of 14U-18U.

Rain Policy: If no games are played entry fee is returned. If one game is played one-half of the entry fee is returned. If two games are complete there are no refunds issued. No refunds for gate passes.

Park Rules:
No pets,
No Smoking inside gates
No grills in parking lot






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